A Religion of the Image


Christianity is a religion of the image. What does the image seek to do?  It attempts to show the Divine, and in this art becomes a pictorial theology and a meditation on the sacred.

Faith Underground: The Art of the Catacombs

A specifically Christian Art emerged hundreds of years after the Gospel Texts. Two hundred years after the birth of Christ. Christian art emerged underground in the catacombs, most notably in Rome.  This particular class looks at faith underground.  Participants are reminded that the art of the catacombs was not art for art’s sake, but art for inspiration and instruction. Christians needed a reminder of the fundamental doctrines of their faith, especially the reassurance, in the face of persecution, that death was not the end.

In three two hour classes the following topics will be presented and discussed:

  • Christians in Romeimage
  • Death and Burial in Rome
  • History of the Catacombs
  • People of the Book
  • Christian Iconography
  • Frescos of Faith
  • Faith in Stone










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